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Friday, November 19, 2010

So I've become a Hero...

Well I polished off the first game of the series this morning. I rescued the baron's son, assaulted the brigand fortress and rescued his daughter and then turned Baba Yaga into a frog with the old 'reflecting the spell back with a mirror' trick. All in all I must say I really enjoyed playing through this game again. It really is one of my all time favorites and the chapter of the series that I'm most nostalgic about. I was treated to the ending sequence, which is a Star Wars IV type deal. Everyone gathering around and slapping a medal on me. I then export my character, Pratchet, to a file ready to be imported into the next game of the series - Trial by Fire. In the end Pratchet got his fighting disciplines all the way to 100 points, along with throwing. I only got magic to around the 50's and my sneak and lockpicking was a bit lower than I would have liked but no matter. To sum up the first game I would say it's a charming little adventure, full of humor and some fun puzzles that are never too obscure or illogical. There is almost always several ways around problems depending on your characters strengths. This is what elevates Quest for Glory above other adventure games of it's lineage. If you get stuck on any puzzles you can always run off and slay monsters or work on your skills. The roleplaying and adventuring mix perfectly together to make an absolute classic game.

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