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Friday, January 21, 2011

AGD Interactive...

Although I've been playing the original EGA versions of the Quest for Glory series, there is a VGA version of So You Want to be a Hero that Sierra released during the 90's, and the is a really good VGA remake of Trial by Fire done by a group called AGD Interactive. In fact, version 2.0 of their Trial by Fire project was just released recently. This version had some improved graphics, bug fixes and Windows 7 and Mac support. I've played a little with AGD's remakes, as they have done several Sierra classics (King's Quest I and II), and they are all loving recreations and worth checking out.

AGD also announced recently that they will be revealing their remake of King's Quest III next month, so that's something for classic adventurers to look out for.


  1. The combat system in this version is amazing. I think it's the best of all 5 games.

  2. I wish there was a key that would flip between the ega and remake versions. I really loved that in the Monkey Island SE's.

  3. I totally agree. That would be awesome. The Monkey Island developers saw an opportunity in remaking the classic games. They were lucky that Lucasarts was still in business. Sierra doesn't exactly have that opportunity though.