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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Trial by Fire...

I Imported my character into the second chapter of the Quest for Glory series. This game, Trial by Fire, is my favourite of the QfG games. The setting, a fantastical Arabian Nights style city and surrounding desert-scape, is really well designed. Although the EGA graphics are dated by today's standards, this game has a great visual design and awesome atmosphere.

The first thing to do in this game is to explore the city of Shapeir. Every street is mapped out and can be explored. The first thing you need to find is the money changer to get your Spielburgian gold coins traded up for the dinar's of Shapeir. I remember getting a great tip from my cousin, years ago, about getting your money changed. He had worked out that if you change it in small amounts the money changer taxes you less. Pretty awesome little tip. And it should be remembered there was no internet back when Trial by Fire was released so that kind of little detail had to be discovered by the player, not googled in 1.7 seconds. The classical age of adventure games was a wonderful time to be a kid...


  1. Greetings - love me some Quest for Glory and found your blog through your Cole interview - you know about AGDI's QFG 2 remake right?

    They just released version 2.0:

  2. Yeah dude, I know about the remake. Didn't know about 2.0, though. Will have to check it out. I just wanted to play through the originals for this blog; might try the remake later.

  3. Motherf.... I just spent the entire night compiling the game to work with a wine bottle port... I finally got it to work... And learn today that it was released officially on the Mac? Damn!