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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cole clout...

I just thought it would be worth saying...since I started this little blog a couple of months ago I have had next to no traffic. I don't even know if this thing is listed on google or not. I interview Corey Cole and mention it on twitter once....almost 2000 unique site visits a day. Corey, despite being out of game development for years now, obviously still has some clout. Just another testament to what classics these Quest for Glory games are and how many people remember them fondly.

I have subsequently discovered the source of all this traffic is Griffin McElroy's article at on the Cole interview. Apparently Griffin is a huge QfG fan himself. So thanks Griffin!


  1. If it's any consolation, had I known there were blogs dedicated to Quest for Glory, I would have subscribed to your blog a long time ago.

    In fact, I spent all last night of my free time trying to make the VGA remake of QFG2 work on my MacBook, even though it isn't compatible, after reading your blog.

  2. That is consoloation, B.M.

    There's no compatibility for Dosbox on Mac? That astounds me. Mac users miss out on so many games, you would think they could at least play the golden oldies.